angellanier sent: Your imagines should be on wattpad

i personally like tumblr better haha i cant wait to get back into them soon tho . 

Anonymous sent: Can I have an imagine? Of us to making music in the studio. And yes already a couple like showing P.D.A..

yeah sure lol i’ll work on it…but since finals are this and next week for me i’m not updating until after finals…but this is gonna be the first one up ! 

-Regi :)

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diamonds-areagirlsbestfriend sent: Still doing imagines?

after school ends i really wanna get back into them .. cuz i have finals … but soo deff!! :) 

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He’s YOur Teacher ~ Imagine #4


He was perfect; his beautiful dark skin, his arms in that tight button up shirt.  I loved the way his eyes lightened up every time we were together. His name is Daniel, but during the day…it’s Mr. Simmons. Sometimes I call him by his nickname, which is Diggy. Diggy and I have been dating for almost 4 months and they’ve been amazing. The only thing that was holding us back was the fact that he was my English teacher. It was crazy to think that Daniel and I were even together. Sneaking around has been getting old but it gives us both such a thrill, and we can’t stop. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt my phone buzz.

Hey babe. What are you doing after school? :) ~ D

I smiled to myself, while closing my locker and walking to none other than English class.

Depends on what you’re about to ask… :) I reply.

Its Friday, so how about a movie and dinner at my place? ~ D

It’s a date <3 

I’ll pick you up from the CVS down the street <3 ~ D

With that I reached my classroom. “Good morning Y/N” He smiled sweetly, anything but innocent. “Hello Mr. Simmons.” I smiled, walking to my seat next to my friend. “I saw your little flirty hello…you’re not low hun.” I laughed quietly, “He’s so cute though…” I whisper back as she just giggles at me.  Class was starting and I was out of it. “Okay guys I want you all to work quietly on this handout. I will be right here if you have any questions.” He announced and with that we started working. I felt my phone buzz and I instantly knew it was Daniel. I looked up and he just smiled slightly and nodded. I looked down to see his text.

Okay…it’s hard seeing you in class everyday looking so beautiful… :(  ~ D

I pouted a little and looked up. I just nodded.

It’s hard having such an attractive boyfriend and not being able to show him off. :(

This relationship has been hard for the both of us but I guess its been worth it. Class was finally over and we were all heading out. “Miss. Y/L/N, Can I steal you for one moment?” I nodded and waited for everyone to leave. “Yes Mr. Simmons?” I smiled. “Very funny…listen…I’ll pick you up at 3:30?” “Okay, I’ll be looking forward to tonight.” I said, placing a quick peck on his lips and smiling. He smiled and bit his lip lightly. “I’m gonna be late…adios.” I said walking to the door and smiling.  And lets just say, that was a sweet night. 

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Anonymous sent: any new imagines to ruin my soul ? :) please lol

LOL! Yess! I just finished writing one :D I feel so bad its been so long .

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Anonymous sent: can you write one where diggy is your teacher and you are his student...but you two are secretly dating? omg plz

i’m on it

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Anonymous sent: do you do sexual frustrations ?

yes lol Daniel is a freak…we must embrace that.