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He’s YOur Teacher ~ Imagine #4


He was perfect; his beautiful dark skin, his arms in that tight button up shirt.  I loved the way his eyes lightened up every time we were together. His name is Daniel, but during the day…it’s Mr. Simmons. Sometimes I call him by his nickname, which is Diggy. Diggy and I have been dating for almost 4 months and they’ve been amazing. The only thing that was holding us back was the fact that he was my English teacher. It was crazy to think that Daniel and I were even together. Sneaking around has been getting old but it gives us both such a thrill, and we can’t stop. My thoughts were interrupted when I felt my phone buzz.

Hey babe. What are you doing after school? :) ~ D

I smiled to myself, while closing my locker and walking to none other than English class.

Depends on what you’re about to ask… :) I reply.

Its Friday, so how about a movie and dinner at my place? ~ D

It’s a date <3 

I’ll pick you up from the CVS down the street <3 ~ D

With that I reached my classroom. “Good morning Y/N” He smiled sweetly, anything but innocent. “Hello Mr. Simmons.” I smiled, walking to my seat next to my friend. “I saw your little flirty hello…you’re not low hun.” I laughed quietly, “He’s so cute though…” I whisper back as she just giggles at me.  Class was starting and I was out of it. “Okay guys I want you all to work quietly on this handout. I will be right here if you have any questions.” He announced and with that we started working. I felt my phone buzz and I instantly knew it was Daniel. I looked up and he just smiled slightly and nodded. I looked down to see his text.

Okay…it’s hard seeing you in class everyday looking so beautiful… :(  ~ D

I pouted a little and looked up. I just nodded.

It’s hard having such an attractive boyfriend and not being able to show him off. :(

This relationship has been hard for the both of us but I guess its been worth it. Class was finally over and we were all heading out. “Miss. Y/L/N, Can I steal you for one moment?” I nodded and waited for everyone to leave. “Yes Mr. Simmons?” I smiled. “Very funny…listen…I’ll pick you up at 3:30?” “Okay, I’ll be looking forward to tonight.” I said, placing a quick peck on his lips and smiling. He smiled and bit his lip lightly. “I’m gonna be late…adios.” I said walking to the door and smiling.  And lets just say, that was a sweet night. 

Anonymous sent: any new imagines to ruin my soul ? :) please lol

LOL! Yess! I just finished writing one :D I feel so bad its been so long .

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Anonymous sent: can you write one where diggy is your teacher and you are his student...but you two are secretly dating? omg plz

i’m on it

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Anonymous sent: do you do sexual frustrations ?

yes lol Daniel is a freak…we must embrace that.  

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jadabeautylove sent: How old I'd UR baby brother

i don’t have a brother… lol :3 

I know i keep saying I’ll post and I’m so sorry but school is getting in the way!!

I’m trying my best! :* Night Loves <3

primma-dona sent: Ur so good👍

aw thanks!! I try my best <3